Deliverance Ministry & Healing Center

  A People Trained , Positioned & Ready to Receive from the Heart of God

 Apostle Arlethia Dupree-Jones 
Apostle Arlethia Dupree- Jones is a faith walker, from the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. She is committed to getting the people of God judgement ready in these last days; Pastor Jones is known as the “Agent of Change”, “Pastor Lethal” and the “Apostle of Faith. “She served as a devoted wife for twenty years to the late Minister Larry Jones, Jr. She is a loving mother to LaQuita, Shamera , Hezekiah, and Ashley, and energetic “Gigi” to grandsons, Channing and Isaac, and as a servant, Apostle Jones has committed every ministry, every teaching, every encounter and every breath to walk out her Kingdom Assignment of seeing souls healed, delivered and set free. 

Apostle Jones holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology. As a licensed Evangelist she has traveled to Africa, Panama, Israel and around the United States spreading the unadulterated Word of God. As an altruistic philanthropist, playwright, actress, teacher, prophet, mentor and spiritual shepherd to many, Apostle Jones has hosted several life changing conferences across Maryland, West Virginia and the Virginia region. Apostle Jones is a Remnant Pastor assigned to care for those who are lost, abused, and neglected, looking for deliverance from their hurt, and healing from their trauma to become whole, complete and walking out their purpose. 

She teaches and trains with life applicable principles that transcend all generations, cultures, racial and social economic barriers. Apostle Jones heart is to be in the streets winning souls; however, God predestined another platform. Apostle Jones was trained at an early age under the leadership of her great-grandfather, the late District Elder, Wade E. Hatton, Sr., at Faith Temple Bibleway Church, Baltimore, Maryland. On August 10, 2013, Apostle Jones clearly heard the voice of God ordering her to the pastorate; at that point God impregnated her with ministries and the seed of the Holy Spirit to set the captives free. Apostle Jones flows in the oil of deliverance and healing; through teaching, preaching, counseling and the laying on of hands. She helps those who want to be free, get to the root of their bondage, so that chains are broken and yokes are destroyed. Her heart’s desire is to see the people of God come to know who they are and whose they are, so that they are able to fulfill the divine purpose for their life. 

 On September 8, 2013, Deliverance Ministry and Healing Center (DMHC) was birthed in the Holiday Inn, Martinsburg, West Virginia. In September 2016, Apostle Jones continued the legacy of her great-grandfather when she began Faith Temple Deliverance Outreach Ministry, Baltimore, Maryland; a street ministry in the neighborhood where she was born and raised. In December that same year, Spiritual Detox Center International, a ten-year vision, received its first official client with a project adorningly named “The Extreme Make-Over.” In 2018, in her fifth year of ministry, DMHC went from renting a space for $3000 a month to purchasing their first home at 124 Pennsylvania Avenue, Martinsburg, West Virginia for $8000- DEBT FREE! The new sanctuary is now home to DMHC and SDC. 

On January 5, 2020, Apostle Jones began serving as the Pastor of Zebulun Temple Deliverance Ministry, Baltimore, Maryland, where her paternal grandmother, The Late Apostle Thelma Ryals was founder and Overseer. In July 2020 in the height of the pandemic Apostle Jones birthed out Riots to Revival; God anointed her as a Revivalist taking them to each state to pour the oil of revival. On July 4, 2021 Apostle Jones planted and is pastoring Deliverance Ministry and Healing Center Fort Worth, Texas. On October 1,2021 Apostle Jones launched End Time Harvest Kingdom Fellowship International. It is a fellowship of spiritual leaders of all denominations, races and genders that equips, encourages and empowers one another to serve their communities better. As of January 1, 2022, Apostle Jones accepted the apostolic call and anointing over her life. At that point she transitioned from pastor to Apostle Jones as she was already pastoring 4 churches, nurturing pastors, and operating her nonprofit SDC. 

On January 23,2022, Apostle Jones began to walk out the vision God gave her to plant ministries in each of the 50 states in the United States of America. A vision to help a hurting country by bringing unity in the body of Christ, igniting revival and bringing glory back to God. With her apostolic teams she traveled the country and launched the ministries in each state, plus Washington, D.C. They ministered in the streets, churches, libraries, capitol buildings, the beach, a youth recreation center, senior assisted living center, a university, hospitals, a welcome center, and even in the airports. Wherever there was a need, God allowed them to minister; from giving out bags of food to laying hands on the sick and watching them be healed. 

God demonstrated His power was operating through this vision. On March 31, 2022, Apostle Jones became the first African American female preacher to plant churches in every state across the country. This vision did not come without obstacles and warfare; however, she endured and is now moving forward to plant pastors and leadership teams for each ministry to ensure the communities receive the nurturing they require. She has and is birthing out “Faithwalkers” and as they follow her as she follows Christ, each ministry continues to watch God move supernaturally on the behalf of His people.

 Apostle Jones is fully persuaded and committed to complete the commission and vision given to her from God to ensure the Kingdom of God is represented in excellence, with the heart of God, that the lost have a “safe place” to come, that the “hospital” is always accessible, that the “trauma center” is equipped and that the remnant of God assigned to her is judgement day ready. Her “YES” has been proven and is affirmed daily as she lives what she teaches and is continually bearing fruit. Apostle Jones favorite scripture is Psalms 34,” I will bless the Lord at all times and His praises shall continually be in my mouth…” Keep watch as the story continues to be written.

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