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Chosen Generation (Young Adult Ministry)

Chosen Generation under the leadership of Pastor Jones, is a vibrant, on fire ministry for the millennials. They are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals on fire, committed and  in love with God. Many are leaders of ministries, the Executive Board and in training to be licensed and ordained. God is using Chosen Generation to be the Remnant example that you can live holy and still be relevant, fun, holy, and righteous without conforming to the standards of the world.  

This ministry fosters spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, relational and physical health. They receive mentoring, training, and accountability through their leader for Godly living. They truly represent what it looks like to have fun and joy serving Christ. All of them are active in evangelism, as well as, participate in activities such as cruising together, movies, bowling, dinners, game nights, open mic nights, lock-ins, REAL Talks with Pastor Jones, etc… They put to rest the thought that because you do not drink, party, smoke weed, sleep around,etc… that you are not living or having fun. They have traveled to Canada, the Bahamas and all across the United States on vacation and for ministry. They prove that living for Christ provides the wealth of life. 

Chosen Generation provides our ministry with life, creativity and sustainability through their work in ministry and loyalty to our Pastor. As Agents of Change they strive to be “the one” God can trust and use to bring others into the Kingdom of God. Keep watch, as they are movers and shakers in the Kingdom of God!