Deliverance Ministry & Healing Center

  A People Trained , Positioned & Ready to Receive from the Heart of God

       Destined For Greatness Youth Ministry (D4G)-(Teen Ministry) 

D4G, youth ministry, under the leadership of Pastor Arlethia Dupree-Jones, serves youth 11 to 18 years old. Our vibrant youth ministry fosters self-awareness and confidence through consistent teachings and mentoring through the Word of God. Our youth are trained up to know they are created by God on purpose for His perfect purpose for their lives.  

D4G are excited about learning who they are in Christ because of our engaging and innovative teaching tools, such as, Bootcamp, Interactive Bible Study and Real Talks with Pastor Jones. We ensure they are balanced and know the joy of being a royal priesthood through various programs, outings and activities, such as Open Mic Nights, Friday Night Flow, skating, lock-ins, etc…They share in fellowship in a “safe place “that is bully and judgment free, yet structured with accountability to one another.  

Our youth are active in our evangelism, outreach and various ministries in the Kingdom of God. Several serve as ministry leaders and organization leaders; we have Deacons –In – Training and heads of ministries under the age of eighteen years old. Their involvement is encouraged, in order to train them as leaders and servants how to serve with humility and the heart of God. As the oil flows from our Pastor down, our youth are on fire and love the Lord.