Deliverance Ministry & Healing Center

  A People Trained , Positioned & Ready to Receive from the Heart of God

Dance/Mime Ministry

Our mime and dance ministries set the atmosphere for deliverance and healing during the worship services, programs and activities under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. They understand the purpose of praise and worship through the song selection, attire and choreography as a weapon to bring the atmosphere subject to the Spirit of God.  Our anointed dancers understand their bodies are vessels used to worship and minister the Word and Spirit of God to those present, so that those who came to the “hospital” can leave “FREE” from all the weights, bondage, infection and baggage they brought with them.  

The ministry is comprised of and opened to all ages and levels of dance and ministry experience. Those who come to serve are trained to battle through various forms and styles of dance. They attend spiritual warfare bootcamps/trainings and workshops to enhance the efforts put forth during rehearsals. The anointing of the ministry has created multiple platforms for them to minister to hundreds at funerals, outreach programs, community events, service, fellowships and more.