Deliverance Ministry & Healing Center

  A People Trained , Positioned & Ready to Receive from the Heart of God


On August 10, 2013, Deliverance Ministry and Healing Center was  pushed out by Pastor Arlethia Dupree-Jones, at the Holiday Inn,  Foxcroft Avenue, Martinsburg, West Virginia. Her first official sermon  was “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide!” 

DMHC remained in the hotel for one year; having services twice a  week. The ministry established itself as a community partner by  working with other churches and nonprofits to meet the needs of the  community. The evangelism arm of the ministry ensured the ministry  became known as the “Agents of Change” with outreach at the  Martinsburg Rescue Mission, Bethany House, Food Pantry, and other  organizations.  

In December 2014, DMHC moved from the Holiday Inn to their first  building, a storefront at 318 Wilson Street, Martinsburg, West Virginia.  In one week, the members did the demolition and remodeling to make  the facility home. They continued to solidify their footprint in the  community and surrounding region with a food pantry, parenting  classes/life skills training and many other services. In March 2015, they  acquired another building at 310 Wilson Street to open the ‘Fire  House”; a youth center for the community. The youth did the  demolition and remodeled themselves to begin having Friday Night  Fire; a youth night where they were trained and encouraged to  cultivate their gifts. The Fire House provided an afterschool program  and hosted several other youths and family-oriented events.  

By the end of the year, the ministry was growing in membership,  spiritual maturity, and partnerships. In 2015, they relocated the church  to 306 Wilson Street; a building with an industrial kitchen, seating for  125, a nursery and office spaces. They went in to transform this former  night club into “The Safe Place” for people to come get delivered,  healed and set free. After two weeks of intense reconstruction and  partnerships with the landlord and other businesses, the doors opened  and the ministry continued to grow spiritually and naturally. 

Five months later the adjacent building, 308 Wilson Street, became  available and the DMCH Executive Board acquired it and joined the two  buildings. The additional space was used as a conference room, training  center, secondhand store and office space for the administrative team  to serve those in need. DMHC continued to serve its community by  providing services no other ministry was providing consistently.  

DMHC created partnerships with government agencies and businesses  throughout Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia to facilitate  conferences, trainings, seminars and provide a host of services to the  region. From Spiritual Bootcamps, Park Services, Walk-a-thons, Family  Thanksgiving Feast, Clean Sweeps, Open Mic Nights and more, DMHC  was known throughout the region as the church that loved and  genuinely cared for people. DMHC set a standard of excellence with the  love of God in all its programs and services.  

In 2018, Pastor Jones’ fifth year of ministry, DMHC went from renting a  space for $3000 a month to purchasing their first home at 124  Pennsylvania Avenue, Martinsburg, West Virginia for $8000. The money  to purchase the building was raised in less than 24 hours. The sanctuary  became the home of DMHC and SDC. The members partnered with  Lowes, Valley College, and Boskey Construction to do the renovations.  The church had been abandoned with no plumbing, electric and floors  caving in, but God anointed the hands of the members to do the  demolition and help with the renovation. This historic building was  built inside of a rock. Once renovated the community came to see how  it was resurrected. DMHC brought life into the community as they  continued to serve the community and expanded many services and  programs with the new building.  

In 2020, the pandemic hit and DMHC expanded it's social media  platforms and began ministering around the world. Many souls have  been changed as the ministry grew and created a stronger presence  globally. 

God shifted the ministry in 2021 when He instructed Pastor Jones to  plant a ministry in Fort Worth, Texas. On June 30, 2021, twenty-one of  the foundational members of DMHC transitioned to Texas, while a few  remained in West Virginia. DMCH is enlarging its territory and sparking  a revival across the World as it allows God to lead them every step of  the way. Pastor Jones is hearing from God knowing that DMHC is not a  church as usual and is on assignment to advance the Kingdom of God.