Deliverance Ministry & Healing Center

  A People Trained , Positioned & Ready to Receive from the Heart of God

Teaching Ministry

Our Teaching Ministry is the foundational, core of our ministry. Our Pastor understands that the body is perishing due to the lack of knowledge. It is our belief that without the information there shall be no manifestation; if you do not know what God is instructing you to do and receive His instructions, then you can’t be obedient to reap the blessings that are promised.  

Our teaching ministry provides various trainings, bootcamps, workshops and regular classes. Our weekly bible study provides daily, practical living strategies taken directly from the Word of God to equip us to live a life of holiness and trust in the Lord. The Word is taught in a manner that all members, from the babies to the seniors are able to understand and grow. We teach the unadulterated Word of God and reinforce it with accountability.  

Some of the trainings, workshops, and bootcamps we facilitate are: Spiritual Warfare trainings and bootcamps ( An intensive training and education in the spiritual warfare that happens around you everyday and how you are impacted, affected and infected by it without knowing. The trainings and bootcamps help you identify what is happening in the spiritual realm, where its roots and power come from and how you defeat the enemy at his own game with the knowledge of the Word, cleansing, deliverance, healing, armoring up and receiving/using the Power of the Holy Ghost); Faith ( A training to learn about the attributes and character of God and understanding the principles of your heritage as a child of God, so that you can access and use the authority you have been given to do the greater works you have been designated to do and received the promises of God predestined for your life.); New Membership Training (An orientation to learn about our Pastor, the ministry vision/mission/ protocols, who you are in Christ, your gifts/purpose in the Kingdom of God, Godly living and holiness, forgiveness and your role and responsibilities as a member);Vacation Bible School ( A family affair of fun, games, biblical teachings, fellowship, food, arts and more); Sunday School ( A exciting exploration of the stories in the bible and how they apply to our lives today),  and many more. Our teaching ministry addresses the needs of our members and their families, as well as, identifying and facilitating educational programs that meet the needs of our community. 

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